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× Photos or images are very important for a website. Images help to drive traffic to your website and help your click through rate when you appear on search engines. Report shows more increase in page views of websites with photos than websites without photos. It enhances sales because photos are more effective when it comes to driving home a sales point.They help keep your visitors on your site for a long time which is good for SEO.Our stock photos are from one of the best where all photos are screened and free for commercial use, we make sure they are not overly used all over the internet which could be a disaster if the same photo has been used to promote illegal activity.This could bring down the reputation of your business, social standing,ETC.We protect our clients from all these by screening all photos intensively including the number of websites using these photos. And the past history of these photos to see if there has been any disaster associated with them.Eg using same photos from a de-indexed website is bad for ranking purposes. Check out these high quality stock photos from video background website .


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