Viability of Ecommerce in Nigeria

Viability of ecommerce in Nigeria

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Ecommerce to most people in Nigeria is still a green venture that is not understood and so do not know how to leverage or exploit the sudden surge in
e commerce. Survey has it that 74% of Nigerians shop on-line using mobile devices. Are you a meat seller, vegetable vendor, even beer and pepper-soup retailers,
you need to seize the opportunity of this modern technology and put your business on-line. Although selling on line has its shortcoming the benefits far outweighs the shortcomings
one of which is smiling to the bank more often than not.

Why having an e commerce in Nigeria is a must

As the survey showed more and more people shop on-line in Nigeria for the following reasons.
The closing time of most shops and stores does not allow for busy individuals who were often caught up in Nigeria traffic and often get back late at night.
Believe me the number of these individuals has gone up to a staggering amount because of the inflation and the economic recession in the country,
which makes the viability of e-commerce in Nigeria authentic. Most people work from dawn to dusk
looking for ways to augment their income and beat the ragging inflation and the inability to make ends meet. So if your business is still not on-line then you’re
missing out on singing and smiling to the bank.

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Another important reason is that technology has made it in such a way that,stress, transport cost, hectic traffic jam, time wasted to and from the market have all been
removed. All you need do is sit comfortably in your office or workplace and go through the E shops online, make your order and get it fast at your door post. Tell me who wouldn’t want
a life of comfort?
Do you know that stress kills yes, stress increases the risk of the following diseases according to CDC
obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, depression, gastrointestinal problems, and asthma.
If your business is not on-line the stress of going and coming from your shops and stores is hazardous to your health especially in Nigeria where an individual could be trapped
inside a vehicle for hours.

Another important viability of e commerce in Nigeria is that you do not have to pay the exorbitant rent of a physical shop. With e commerce
all you need is an on-line presence by getting a domain name hosting and a website. The Nigeria economy has made it so difficult to pay for a shop’s rent
which in turn has made e commerce viable in Nigeria

How to put your business on-line

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No matter what you sell or do put it online to get more sales,customers and profits. Outline below are what to do to run a profitable and successful shop on-line
Do you sell pepper, vegetables, tailor shop, carpenter, bricklayer,beer parlour etc. follow this guide.

Get a camera and snap pictures of your products you can ask any member of your family to do it for you.Snap the different type of vegetables.
Next you need to contact a web developer whose charges are quite affordable.
The web developer will create and host the website for you all you need is to provide the pictures of your products and your store
if you have one. If not, don’t worry, the developer knows what to do. For services like tailors, bricklayers, engineers, doctors, nurses, estate agents, E.T.C.
Your phone numbers with which clients or customers can contact you, will be displayed on your website. The developer also knows what to do to get traffic to your site.
She also knows how to build your customers trust to use the paypal API which integrates payment feature into your website where more clients use their
credit cards eradicating the problem of pre-paid purchases. You can get a one page free website to start with.

Send a message to her to get your business on-line today

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