How to know a good web developer

How to know a good web developer

Before we can understand what to look for in a good web developer, and
the process of a good web development, we should first understand who a web developer is.
A web developer is one who has been taught how to actually program or code a website/application either from the scratch i.e from the very beginning using mark up languages like html, xml,xhml etc or from already built CMS like symphony, wordpress, drupal, magento,joomla and others.

A Web developer may either be formed via a tertiary institution or may be formed by what is
known as self taught i e learning from various online web development courses and tutorials. Whichever way a web developer is formed he must posses some qualities to actually be addressed as a web developer.
I have seen a few who actually found it difficult to create or access relational databases even after graduating from the university. Web development is not all about theory, after
having completed the theoretical aspect of your education you still need to put this theory into practice. unlike the self taught developers who actually did
what is known as “on the job training”, most of them are well vast in the programming world,because they practiced along the way and they have series of communities to help them learn

A true web developer will never use a template, theme or framework as it is, without first modifying adjusting and removing some mistakes,
omissions,additions, errors from the said templates. Some of these template builders are designers who sometimes call on developers to code certain features
like forms, API development to get data from other websites, database functionalities,and sometimes more complex features.

A good web developer must follow web standards when developing a website or a web application. The reasons why a good web developer must follow this standard
is as follows.

If this standard is followed and integrated into a website development, web pages will display very well in all web browsers,computers, modern mobile technologies
like iphones ,ipads,PDA devices. This of course brings about increase in viewing audience.

Another benefit of following the W3C web standard is the support for the use of Cascading style sheet which is known as CSS. CSS is the brain behind how a
website looks and feels, in retrospect it is the styling of a website. One of the standard is to put all external css files into a single file so as to reduce http request
and response to and from the server and also to reduce the page file size for a faster page load which is good for SEO.
Having external files instead of embedding them into your markup , helps a lot, when you have large number of pages and you need to modify,
add or update a page, or an item. You do not need to go to every page to do this, all you need do is to edit the stylesheet and apply all modifications to it,
this will automatically update the rest of the pages on your website. The same thing apply to your php files. Put each part of your mark up in a separate file
and then use the php include method to add them to every page. mark up parts like the navigation, header, sidebar,footer or any part of your mark up you want rendered on every page of your website.
Greater efficiency is achieved when all web browser are able to index the pages of a website that is designed in accordance with this web standard.

What to look for in a good web developer

Like they say charity begins at home the first thing that gives away a non developer is his website. The website of a professional coder, programmer, developer
does always stand out. There is a popular adage in my country that says the donor of a dress is always scrutinized by what he is wearing.
If your own website has little or no functionalities,then it is most likely you can’t integrate much features into clients websites. For example if you boast of a good
search engine optimization and you’re unable to optimize your own site to appear on the first page of Google, sorry, you’re likely to lose clients.
A developer’s website should always be unique even if his portfolio is not. A web developers website is a decisive factor in choosing a good web developer.

How to find a good web developer

A web developers portfolio is another factor to consider when searching for a good web developer.
Some web developers lie about their portfolios in that some of them only display images of some kind of templates and themes. A good web developer should
actually link to each portfolio with description of the project, the project challenges and some implemented unique features.
It does not matter if a developer has just a single project portfolio provided he is able to justify the fact
that he developed this single project portfolio himself and not some kind of themes or templates placeholder.
A lot of people make the mistake of awarding contracts base on the number of projects they see in a developers portfolio, which of course were not developed
or designed by them.
Most of these projects are templates and themes customized and added as a portfolio project.

Content Management System (CMS)

What is a CMS? A CMS is a web application allowing one or more users the ability to manage a web site’s content. That is, A CMS allows the distribution, edition, modification,
publication, and creation,of a website content, base on the level of access accorded to each user.

A developer always want to assure and reassure clients of his ability, and capability to solve any error or problem arising from a client’s website after its development.
For this reason a developer’s website is often custom built without using any CMS at least not on the first page. The website is often hard coded.
To be able to solve website problems you must be vast or knowledgeable in PHP because most of these CMS are built on PHP framework.
So if you can’t build your website with any of these server languages how are you able to solve clients website problems. Trust me there are a lot of websites
problems to be expected especially if the website is designed by a non technical person or a non developer.

To check if a web developer is using a CMS like wordpress, follow this url.

Type in the developers home url as shown above, and you will find out if he is using a wordpress cms. If you need an inexpensive,problem free, seo optimized ,lead ready website. Contact I need a website

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