How to create a website in Nigeria

Ways to create a website in nigeria

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So many things have to be considered when deciding on various ways to build a website in Nigeria.
Do you want to actually create a website yourself? Or do you need to hire a web developer? If yes check out this article on
how to know a good web developer.
What type of website do you intend creating?
is it an ecommerce website? A blog website ? Or a custom website?
All the above are interwoven and will greatly influence the type of website to create in Nigeria.

Firstly, Nigeria is still a developing country and web technology is just beginning to be recognized and embraced .
Web developers are not as many as they are in developed countries, except for some few Nigerians who went outside the country to be tutored in web development.
Website creation can be done by oneself, if it’s just a blog website. A blog website is very easy to create and setup all you need is to get a CMS(content management system).

Content management system as the name implies is to manage website content. In fact, most CMS were originally created for this purpose. To create a website content,
popularly refer to as blog,to update it, modify it, and delete it.

Creating a wordpress website in Nigeria

As explained above, to create a blog website you need to do the following:
1. Buy a domain name.
Lets look at what goes on behind the hood. A domain name is a representation of an ip address which the computer recognizes in order to identify each website. Meaning that each website is given a unique series of numbers known as an IP address. Because numbers are not easily remembered , you are then allowed to give your website a name which will be converted to some numbers and these numbers will be assigned as an identification with which to identify your website and to connect to the server.
The name you give to this website is known as a domain name.

To buy a domain name go to cheap web hosting in Nigeria
2. Get a hosting plan.
A hosting is the server on which every website is hosted in order to be seen by the world. In other words
Web hosting allows a company or an individual make their website accessible or seen by the entire world via the World Wide Web
popularly known as www. If you need a website that you want people to see, then you need a hosting plan to house your website.

3. After you finished accomplishing the above its time to start creating your website. You’ll immediately have access to
a cpanel after buying a hosting plan. Most web hosting companies provide cpanel. All Cpanels are like these with little or no differences.

Cpanel screenshot teaching how to use cpanel

Scroll down the cpanel to a section titled SOFTACOULOUS, click on the WordPress icon to install wordpress cms theme. Other CMS too are there if you want to try them out.
Other CMS like joomla, drupal,magento and so on. WordPresss is the easiest to learn and use for a non programmer.

how to install cms using soctacoulous in cpanel

Enter your login details, your desire login name and a password of your choice. Please make sure this detail is jotted down somewhere because you’ll surely need it any
time you want to create, modify or update a content on your blog.
After wordpress installation, type this into your browser,
You domain name is the name you paid for i.e registered.
After you type in the above URL enter the login details(your name and password) you wrote down. Next, you’ll be taken to a page like this.

An image of wordpress dashboard

To start blogging click on post or page then click on new Post or new Page you’ll then be taken to the editor,where you can begin blogging away your sorrows,sadness and poverty.
Trust me by the time you finish
creating your content,sorrows,sadness and poverty will be a thing of the past.You will be too tired to give room for sadness by the time you hit the bed you’re far gone in sleep.
So also poverty does not come to a hard working individual.

Now you have a domain name, a website and a host,your content is created.
This is all about how to create a website in Nigeria.
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