Social media marketing pros and cons

Social media marketing pros and cons

Social Media Marketing techniques

Social media marketing pros and cons

The understanding of social media marketing pros and cons will greatly influence its success. Social media marketing is the backbone of a good business advertising agency. It’s a method of advertising, promoting and selling on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, google++ and so one.

Social media marketing is an advanced technology leveraged by anyone who wants to create awareness for a company’s brands,products or services. It helps to boost sales and increase income. Certainly most things that come with benefits, also come with disadvantages. what should count is that the advantages surpass or out weigh the disadvantages.

Social media marketing vs traditional marketing

Before the emergence of modern technology or rather before it became popular and a thing that is in vogue today, traditional marketing had been the main source of advertising. Most companies, agencies and individuals used the following media to advertise or market their products and services.
1. Television: This medium is the most popular, a television programmer was often contacted for all advertisements. Advertisers were charged or billed according to the number of times their products or services would be displayed to viewers. This form of advertisement did not come cheap and few people could afford it.

Billboard an old way of advertising.

2. Social media marketing pros and cons as it relates to Billboard.

Billboard was another method of marketing that was used before the all powerful social media marketing. Billboards were often designed by printers using printing machines, papers etc. Printers were like graphic designers in that they both draw the graphical representation of the said advertisement before officially printing them out. The difference is that technology has made these printers and artist awesome graphic designers making life easier for everyone. When i said making life easier i meant the difficult aspect of having to erect a billboard stand. Gluing or pasting the bill on the board is certainly not an easy task which of course made it one of the pros of social media marketing.

Social media marketing pros and cons

3. Handouts or flyers is another way of advertising which involves the distribution of flyers to passerby. I love this way of marketing . Sometimes a marketing agency, will organize some bands and musical instruments with which to entertain the public while these flyers are handed out. Free public entertainment was provided and so many people would be dancing not excluding the advertisers themselves.

4. Referral

Word of mouth advertising

Referral marketing, sometimes called word of mouth advertising, was not as vastly used as the above mentioned method of marketing. People were asked to recommend certain products or services to their friends and family members. Their friends and families too would be asked to extend this referral program to other acquaintances.
This method was not very effective as people tend to forget to pass on the message as expected especially
when no payment was involved, which is often the case with referral system of marketing.

Social media marketing pros

Social media is a lot more cheaper to use than any other traditional marketing method. Most of these social media platforms are free and those that are not, often come cheap and effective.The return on investment are almost always more than could be realized in a traditional marketing environment. However, it is advised to go for paid advertisement, if you intend getting traffic that converts into sales. But if your intent is to gain recognition or awareness of your brands then, free social media marketing will do.

Like i said before, one significant benefit of social media marketing is the exposure of brands to a large audience.
Few years back when people were still advertising the hard way, although lots of people still do, advertisers were only able to reach few people who had access to some of the media mentioned above, through which advertisement was done. Technology has made it possible to reach the entire world via social media marketing which makes it possible to expand your audience, with well over 2billion people around the globe.

The cons of social media marketing

Social media marketing is time consuming, if you want a higher conversion rate and return on investment, then you need time to study your demographic, test different adverts on social media.
Build trust and loyalty via social interaction with prospective clients or customers.

Another important disadvantage is the vulnerability of your brand to social media marketing.
Your company’s integrity or image might be destroyed irrevocably when you publish a post that becomes unpopular. People tend to hold this against your brand, therefore destroying your brands reputation. These are just a few of social media marketing pros and cons, watch out for more in an upcoming update.