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SSL certificates guarantee clients and visitors that any information (credit/debit cards, passwords) enter on your website is secure, and Encrypted while transferring.
SSL helps to earn the trust of your website visitors and transfer them into Customers.

Without SSL your website is vulnerable and there are a lot of ways for hackers to access your information.

SSL certified website URL is green and always HTTPS.


SSL is little costly and providing by different trusted digital agencies. They are certifying that our website is safe and secure to use. Most commonly e-commerce websites using SSL. Customers are entering their financial information for paying the money

Most commonly e-commerce websites are using SSL to prevent the loss of financial information are Customers are entering.

SSL certs are needed if you collect any sensitive data through forms. usually credit card/internet banking, security numbers. But these days it’s recommended even for simple profile websites.
STEPS TO Setting up SSL on website

Host with a dedicated IP address/shared hosting is also possible
Buy a certificate
Activate the certificate
Install the certificate
Update your site to use HTTP

SSL implementation:

Create certificate signing request (CSR) and save it in the Notepad for future use.

CSR is provided by your hosting server. For getting CSR sign in your hosting panel (

For getting CSR sign in your hosting panel (Cpanel/WHM) and use create a CSR option.

Obtain an SSL certificate from trusted providers.
Submit CSR to a certificate authority to process.
The certificate authority will review your request and after following validation procedure, they will send your certificate via email.
Now, you need to install the certificate on your desired server.

Top Most Reliable SSL Certificate Providers


Company- Symantec

Most expensive but trusted big brand in SSL security providers business.

Higher and expensive package of VeriSign is Secure Site Pro EV costs – over $1,000

They are providing features such as

extended validation
256-bit encryption.
$1.5 million warranty
vulnerability assessment.

256-bit encryption costs from $149- $299. Expert support, 256-bit


Expert support
256-bit encryption.


Comodo SSL solutions for all categories of people(home to business).

The company also offers up to 256-bit encryption and is trusted by almost all browsers.

Basic package starts from $64.95 and you can set it up in just minutes.

Expert phone support and a $250,000 warranty.
They are giving Extended Validation Package From $359/year
One of the Most reputable and trusted SSL certification Company in the world,


This is the most famous and trusted SSL providers in across globe MNC’s such as Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T, Facebook,, Wikipedia, NASA and Core Logic and all others using DigiCert.

2048 bit SSL Certificate Encryption
Costs starting from $156/year
Entire domain cost less than $500

Low-cost SSL certificate providers in all areas

Lowest plan going for $149 / year
256-bit encryption
Extended validation packages is less than $600


GoDaddy as the top domain registration company. they also offer

They also offer SSL certificates for a standard price.

Basic Standard package $69.99
Deluxe package and $89.99
24/7 customer support is available.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions says to have the lowest priced SSL certificates for more than one year plan,

Network Solutions nsProtect Secure Express price only $49.99 for a 4-year term.
support for 256-bit encryption
24/7 customer support(chat, phone) is available.
Network Solutions is a trusted company in the field of SSL providers.

Best hosting providers For SSL security

DomainRacer – Trusted SSL Certificate and SSD Hosting with LiteSpeed
HostGator – Big Brand and High cost with email protector.
BlueHost – Huge customer with average server resources

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