best ssl certificate

SSL is a short form for Secure Sockets Layer.

SSL certificates guarantee clients and visitors that any information (credit/debit cards, passwords) enter on your website is secure, and Encrypted while transferring.
SSL helps to earn the trust of your website visitors and transfer them into Customers.

Without SSL your website is vulnerable and there are a lot of ways for hackers to access your information.

SSL certified website URL is green and always HTTPS.


SSL is little costly and providing by different trusted digital agencies. They are certifying that our website is safe and secure to use. Most commonly e-commerce websites using SSL. Customers are entering their financial information for paying the money

Most commonly e-commerce websites are using SSL to prevent the loss of financial information are Customers are entering.

SSL certs are needed if you collect any sensitive data through forms. usually credit card/internet banking, security numbers. But these days it’s recommended even for simple profile websites.
STEPS TO Setting up SSL on website

Host with a dedicated IP address/shared hosting is also possible
Buy a certificate
Activate the certificate
Install the certificate
Update your site to use HTTP

SSL implementation:

Create certificate signing request (CSR) and save it in the Notepad for future use.

CSR is provided by your hosting server. For getting CSR sign in your hosting panel (

For getting CSR sign in your hosting panel (Cpanel/WHM) and use create a CSR option.

Obtain an SSL certificate from trusted providers.
Submit CSR to a certificate authority to process.
The certificate authority will review your request and after following validation procedure, they will send your certificate via email.
Now, you need to install the certificate on your desired server.

Top Most Reliable SSL Certificate Providers


Company- Symantec

Most expensive but trusted big brand in SSL security providers business.

Higher and expensive package of VeriSign is Secure Site Pro EV costs – over $1,000

They are providing features such as

extended validation
256-bit encryption.
$1.5 million warranty
vulnerability assessment.

256-bit encryption costs from $149- $299. Expert support, 256-bit


Expert support
256-bit encryption.


Comodo SSL solutions for all categories of people(home to business).

The company also offers up to 256-bit encryption and is trusted by almost all browsers.

Basic package starts from $64.95 and you can set it up in just minutes.

Expert phone support and a $250,000 warranty.
They are giving Extended Validation Package From $359/year
One of the Most reputable and trusted SSL certification Company in the world,


This is the most famous and trusted SSL providers in across globe MNC’s such as Microsoft, Yahoo, AT&T, Facebook,, Wikipedia, NASA and Core Logic and all others using DigiCert.

2048 bit SSL Certificate Encryption
Costs starting from $156/year
Entire domain cost less than $500

Low-cost SSL certificate providers in all areas

Lowest plan going for $149 / year
256-bit encryption
Extended validation packages is less than $600


GoDaddy as the top domain registration company. they also offer

They also offer SSL certificates for a standard price.

Basic Standard package $69.99
Deluxe package and $89.99
24/7 customer support is available.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions says to have the lowest priced SSL certificates for more than one year plan,

Network Solutions nsProtect Secure Express price only $49.99 for a 4-year term.
support for 256-bit encryption
24/7 customer support(chat, phone) is available.
Network Solutions is a trusted company in the field of SSL providers.

Best hosting providers For SSL security

DomainRacer – Trusted SSL Certificate and SSD Hosting with LiteSpeed
HostGator – Big Brand and High cost with email protector.
BlueHost – Huge customer with average server resources

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What is an ssl certificate Rotate Text | Curved text rotate text rotate text

Text content is one important thing every website needs, and the ability to present text in various beautiful ways is necessary. A good user interface is often associated with text content and layout.This brings us to how rotate text.

Rotating text is easier to do in Photoshop than in This feature is not integrated into by default, it could only be achieved in two ways. first, with the help of plugins. The other way which is a difficult method is doing it manually.
I will first explain how Rotate Text could be achieved manually before proceeding to the use of plugin to get a curved text.

Manual way to get a curved text in

To do this,open a new document, click on the text tool in the tool panel. Write each word in a new layer otherwise, write the entire sentence and cutout each word, putting each word in a seperate layer. Next click on the rectangle selection tool while a layer is selected and then use the position points on the selection box to position each word in a circular form. This method does not give you a real round circle.

curved text
You can see the above curved text is not completely round.

Another manual method which is better than the above but done in almost the same way except that you have to position each alphabet and not word. But you get a more circular form than the previous method.

Below is the alphabetically positioned text.

The alphabeth circle like i said is much more circular but very stressful. What if you have to make a long sentence rotate. This could be cumbersome and tiring which brings us to a more suitable, easier and professionally looking Rotate Text. Rotate Text plugin

I used this plugin to create the perfectly formed text circle you see in the image above. This plugin is super easy to use. With this plugin you can do a lot more awesome things with text than using the manual methods. You can make text out of an image. You can make your text into semi circular form you can also make it into a wave form. Here are some examples of what i created with this awesome plugin. rotate text

Wave text with plugin

Text formed with image

perfectly form circle

Let’s get started on how to do this. Follow this link to get the plugin.
If you can’t get the plugin contact me to send a copy of mine to you. After you’ve downloaded the plugin, extract it and upload it to your effect folder. By default the path should be. C:// program-files/
So upload the plugin to the effects folder of your Next,open your and go to to effects → text formation → circle text.
To get the exact text circle, just like the above photo do the following.
Open, create a new layer, if you’re using an image, open the image as well. You can cutout a part of the image to place your text in it. To do this check out the article on how to make image transparent in Make sure you have a new layer for your text. Now click on the new layer, go up to the menu and click on effect → text formation → circle text. In the circle text window, write out your text, Select any font style you want, i used Angelina script but you can choose any other font you want. I made the font-size 245 because i had a large image of about 3280px x 2560px. Next I checked the checkbox for italic. In the center control bars i set the upper range bar to -0.04. The upper bar controls the left and right direction of where you want to place your text. If you give it a negative value it will be placed on the extreme left. A positive value set your text to the right. Next i set the lower bar to -0.17, the lower range bar controls the up and down location of your circled text. Then i checked the box for clockwise direction. I also set the radius to 650, the angle of arc to 353.03, angle of start to -29.71 and the finer adjustment to 82.
That’s it, remember i used a large image you can give your setting anything that is suitable for you, just play around and you’ll get a perfect Rotate Text. I hope this helps someone out there, thank you.

How to back up wordpress – Backup wordpress

How to back up wordpress using plugins and cpanel. Sometimes plugins fail to effectively backup wordpress, due to out dated plugins or plugin compatibility. In such situation one should learn this simple technique

How to back up WordPress

Reasons to back up wordpress

Before we go into details on How to back up wordpress , let’s understand the importance of wordpress backup.

It’s of paramount importance to backup WordPress as often as possible due to the following reasons.
1. For heightened security. if your website is backed up regularly. This means you have a current and up to date website where security will be absolutely enhanced.
2. Low risk of website hack. If your website is regularly backed up and maintained, security will be put in place thereby eliminating or reducing the chances of a website hack.
3. Eliminating the probability of Data loss. If you have your website backed up. You’ll always be in possession of a copy of your website to reinstall in case of any data loss.

How to back up wordpress in cpanel

Sometimes using plugins to back up your wordpress website might proof abortive. It is essential to understand how to do it manually using cpanel if all other back up methods fail.

Login to your cpanel and click on file manager under the file tab.backup wordpress in cpanel

You will see a list of your directories and files. Select all your wordpress files and directories for the domain you want to backup. If you are on windows hold down the shift key and click on the last file to select all of your files and directories. Right click and select compress or go to the menu bar and click on compress. Select the compressed folder and click on download. Click OK in the pop window to save the compressed folder.
To backup wordpress database, go back to your cpanel. Click on phpmyadmin under the databases tab.

How to back up wordpress using cpanel

In phphmyadmin page go to the menu bar and click on databases. On the left panel is a list of all your databases, click on the name of the database you wish to backup. If you don’t know the name of your database, head back to your cpanel. Click on file manager and double click on your domain name to open all your files. Find wp-config.php file and right click on it, select “edit”. You will find your database name there.
Now back to phpmyadmin select your database name and then click on export.

back up wordpress using phpmyadmin

On the export page make sure the file type is set to GZIP or ZIP.
The “Max length of created query” should be set to zero (0). This ensures that queries are not truncated.
Click on the go button to upload your database to your computer.

Shortcut to backup wordpress

If you want a shortcut to how to back up wordpress. Go to cpanel, under “files” click on the “backup” icon.
You’ll see the below page. You can either click on the full website backup button or click on partial back up. I will advice you click on the full backup of your website.

Shortcut to backup wordpress

On the following page, select your backup destination. You can leave it at the default home directory or change it to another destination listed in the select option. Enter an email address to receive notification of the completed backup process and the location of your file.

How to restore wordpress backup

This is an easy step, go back to your phpmydmin select the database name you want to upload your database to. Click on import. Or better still create a new database. But remember each time you create a new database you must edit the wp-config.php file to change the database name to the new database name. Click on import and browse to the database zip folder to upload it. You can also use the shortcut method to restore your website. Scroll down and click on “Restore a home directory back up” and/or the “Restore a mysql database backup”. Make sure you check to see that your website functions well after each restoration. Check your website speed and broken links.

How to back up wordpress with plugins

There are a number of plugins to help you backup wordpress website regularly, among which are:
1. UpdraftPlus
2. BackWPUp
4. Backupwordpress

The same method is used to install and activate all plugins. Here we are choosing the backupwordpress plugin so.
Why did i pick Backupwordpress. Certainly not because it shares the same name with this page title.The reason is that BackupWordPress has all the features needed to efficiently backup and secure your site. The automatic scheduling feature it has, endears me to it. Feel free to create different schedules for files, database and folders.
Login to your wordpress admin, go to plugin > new plugin in the search plugin search bar type backupwordpress. Click the install now button and then click on activate. Go to the setting to set up your plugin for backup schedule. If you’re too busy to backup your website regularly, you can out source the backup service with complete website maintenance for a very cheap rate. That’s it for How to back up wordpress, thanks for reading. how to make transparent

Find out the best and unique method to use for how to make transparent, and also learn why magic wand should be used to remove background image or to make an image transparent.

  • how to make transparent

The above images are the before and after images of how to make transparent.

How to make a background transparent in

Before we go further to how to make transparent let’s understand how to install for those who don’t already have installed. You can skip to the next heading if you have it installed already. is a powerful image editing tool that is readily available at no cost. When i say “at no cost” i mean its 100% free. to get go to
On the download page click on the square button that says “DOWNLOAD NOW DOTPDN”. You will be shown a pop up window asking if you want to save or open file, tick the save radio button. Next unzip your file and follow the instructions to download it. how to make transparent with plugin

Like i said earlier, is made very powerful with the number of plugings that are available to extend its functionality. You can create amazing images with the power of plugins one of which is the Alpha space plugin. The alpha space plugin is one of the free plugins for removing background color or image, turning it into a transparent background. Download Alpha space plugin makes image transparent with magic wand tool

The magic wand tool is another way of “ how to make transparent”. It removes the background and gives it a complete transparent look totally erasing the background colors or image. The side effect of this method is that it makes the edges of your image saggy.To use the magic wand tool, open your image and go to the magic wand tool in the tool’s panel. if you don’t see your tool panel then go to the top menu bar and click on window then tool. Sometimes you find the panel icons listed on the right corner of the menu bar, click on the hammer like icon to open your tool’s panel. Then click on magic wand it’s in the fourth position of the first vertical row.

The magic wand tool bar in
After you have selected the magic wand go up to the menu bar and make the tolerance 50%, the flood mode should remain contiguous or set it to contiguous if it’s not already set as the default. Then you can now start applying your magic wand by clicking on each part of the image you want to delete and make transparent.Make sure you click delete after each click on the part you want deleted. how to make transparent using the paint bucket

This method is the best, especially if your image is large. Open your image, set the color to transparent and then click on the paint bucket. Next go to the menu bar and change the default “Normal” mode settings to overwrite, change the tolerance to 25%, leave the flood mode as contiguous and the sampling to image. Now start applying the paint bucket to each part of the image you want to make transparent.The paint bucket is a powerful tool to use when removing backgrounds from your images. The magic wand tool is also effective but it will be more effective if you know how to smooth the edges of an image after having used magic wand. Use this technique for beautiful text transformation.Rotate and curve text

How much does a website cost

As a freelance web developer,i was often asked “how much does a website cost” and so i developed this website quotation app to use online for choosing your website features and getting instant quotation.

Freelance web developer

How much does a website cost for small business

There are different types of websites, how much does a website cost depends primarily on the type of website chosen. Websites are categorized into three main parts. Blog websites, corporate websites and E-commerce websites.

Blog websites are websites with little or no features,they contain the most basic features like contact form to get readers information, social buttons for sharing blog content across various social media platforms. Blog content sharing is very important for any blogger to succeed on-line. You need to get awareness to your blog by posting to facebook and other social platforms. To get an idea of how this works, read Social media marketing pros and cons.

Other important features a blog website needs are grammar tool to correct any grammatical error in your content. S.E.O tool to rank your website on search engines, so as to get your content read by as many people as possible.Do you need a website?
online website price calculator what is my website cost online?

How much does a website cost for an organization

Corporate website cost is the second type of website mentioned above. Business website, company’s website, government’s website,organization’s website, all fall into the category of corporate websites.Unlike blog websites where minimal features are needed, corporate website needs more advance features and so requires a competent and experienced developer to avoid the problems that are often associated with corporate websites developed by a non technical person. To get an affordable experienced developer checkout freelance web developer
Corporate websites are often associated with complex programming and it’s important that its developer should be well vast in server side programming, frameworks and others.The ability to build and integrate unique functionalities and features is needed for a corporate website. Sometimes an organization requires custom features that are unique only to the said organization.

How much does a website cost for E-commerce

E-commerce is the third type of websites, websites that integrate payment features like shopping cart, invoice generating tool,price list ecetera are all in the category of E-commerce website just as the name implies(electronic buying and selling). This type of websites are the most expensive because of the complexity and integration of shopping cart and making the website very secure as it involves monetary transaction. To get an affordable ecommerce follow this link website cost

Design layout

A website cost is also affected by the design layout,the more complex a website is, the more expensive it becomes. For example some complex magazine layout,unique and uncommon design are often put into consideration in a website quotation.Although user interface is very important, functionalities and revenue generation enhancement is more important. Did you know that a website could be developed and after several years later, still remained redundant with no traffic, no revenue, nothing whatsoever. The hosting cost and maintenance fees kept mounting up without any resources to offset this bill. This is the reason why you should get a good web developer that will
integrate the ability to generate income or lead into your website from the start of the development.Where to find a good freelance web developer
how much does a website cost

Number of pages

Number of pages contribute immensely to how much a website cost. The number of pages required also depend on the type of website needed. A blog website as i said earlier does not require as many pages
as a corporate or ecommerce website. A blog website could have just a single page containing the contact form, about section, blog section and others. Ecommerce website have the most number of pages. This is because every product has a page created for it especially if you intend ranking well in search engines.The number of pages an ecommerce website needs depend on the number of products for sale. For a corporate business the number of pages required depend on the organization size and offers. Sometimes corporate website required more pages than ecommerce website, if the organization has lots of information to put on its website.

freelance web developer experience

The price of a website could sometimes be influenced by the experience and qualification of the developer himself. Experienced and qualified freelance web developer does not come cheap unless in rare cases.The more experienced and qualified a web developer is the higher the cost of a website developed by him.

Website maintenance cost

How much does a website cost can also be based on website maintenance cost. If you desire to have your website maintained on a monthly basis then the cost of the website you want built will go up.If you don’t include this feature and anything goes wrong, it will cost you more to put your website back up than a year’s maintenance fee. Besides the higher cost of repairing and putting your website back up. It might cause an irreparable damage to your website as in lost of clients and customers due to a website shut down which is often the case when a website goes a long time without maintenance.

Use our online calculator to calculate the cost of your website
website designing quotes