rotate text| Curved text rotate text| Curved text rotate text| Curved text rotate text| Curved text is a stylish form of text content which is one important thing every website needs, and the ability to present text in various beautiful ways is necessary. A good user interface is often associated with text content and layout.This brings us to to achieve rotated and curved text.

Rotating text is easier to do in Photoshop than in This feature is not integrated into by default, it could only be achieved in two ways. first, with the help of plugins. The other way which is a difficult method is doing it manually.
I will first explain how rotate Text or curved text could be achieved manually before proceeding to the use of plugin to get a curved text.

Manual way to get a curved text in

To do this,open a new document, click on the text tool in the tool panel. Write each word in a new layer otherwise, write the entire sentence and cutout each word, putting each word in a seperate layer. Next click on the rectangle selection tool while a layer is selected and then use the position points on the selection box to position each word in a circular form. This method does not give you a real round circle. rotate text| Curved text
You can see the above curved text is not completely round.

Another manual method which is better than the above but done in almost the same way except that you have to position each alphabet and not word. But you get a more circular form than the previous method.

Below is the alphabetically positioned text.
Rotating text in

The alphabeth circle like i said is much more circular but very stressful. What if you have to make a long sentence rotate. This could be cumbersome and tiring which brings us to a more suitable, easier and professionally looking Rotate Text. Rotate Text plugin

I used this plugin to create the perfectly formed text circle you see in the image above. This plugin is super easy to use. With this plugin you can do a lot more awesome things with text than using the manual methods. You can make text out of an image. You can make your text into semi circular form you can also make it into a wave form. Here are some examples of what i created with this awesome plugin. rotate text

Wave text with plugin

Text formed with image

perfectly form circle

Let’s get started on rotate text| Curved text by following this link to get the plugin.
If you can’t get the plugin contact me to send a copy of mine to you. After you’ve downloaded the plugin, extract it and upload it to your effect folder. By default the path should be. C:// program-files/
So upload the plugin to the effects folder of your Next,open your and go to to effects → text formation → circle text.
To get the exact text circle, just like the above photo do the following.
Open, create a new layer, if you’re using an image, open the image as well. You can cutout a part of the image to place your text in it. To do this check out the article on how to make image transparent in Make sure you have a new layer for your text. Now click on the new layer, go up to the menu and click on effect → text formation → circle text. In the circle text window, write out your text, Select any font style you want, i used Angelina script but you can choose any other font you want. I made the font-size 245 because i had a large image of about 3280px x 2560px. Next I checked the checkbox for italic. In the center control bars i set the upper range bar to -0.04. The upper bar controls the left and right direction of where you want to place your text. If you give it a negative value it will be placed on the extreme left. A positive value set your text to the right. Next i set the lower bar to -0.17, the lower range bar controls the up and down location of your circled text. Then i checked the box for clockwise direction. I also set the radius to 650, the angle of arc to 353.03, angle of start to -29.71 and the finer adjustment to 82.
That’s all there is to rotate text| Curved text, remember i used a large image you can give your setting anything that is suitable for you, just play around and you’ll get a perfect Rotate Text. I hope this helps someone out there, thank you.
Download full resolution of this image in format if you want to edit it, and a jpeg format for direct usage its free and unique,you can’t find it anywhere on the internet.

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