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Funke Kareem (freelance Web Developer)

"It's not all about the price,it's about commitment and doing a great job of every project entrusted to you, thereby getting you a long list of recommendations. This is what cheap website design in Nigeria is all about"

If you're working on something exciting,you don't have to be pushed,the excitement pulls and motivates you to put in your best".

My job is to do good work and my gain is the satisfaction and joy i see on a client's face after the completion of his project.

About cheap website design in Nigeria

Who is she?

Funke Kareem is a senior freelance web developer and the CEO of cheap website design in Nigeria,she is tenacious, warm, and free-spirited. Funky is carefree but careful. She loves singing, good company, good wine, clean and highly versatile code. A graduate of computer science from Université de Haute Normandie France.

What is she about?

She is intrigued with innovative technologies, good user interface, user design and a comprehensive responsive design.She is in love with unique and creative layouts, integrating good and effective logic, to tackle complex web design problems. She is known to deliver beautiful,functional and well-designed layouts including integrating all necessary tools to be successful online.

Where is she from?

Funky Kar is a permanent citizen of France, resides in France and speaks fluent English and French. Originally from the western part of Nigeria. She Had a higher national diploma in personal management before migrating to France for further studies, where she got her Baccaularéat informatique (computer science)in France.


Jerome Grude

Graphic Designer

"Do what you do well so that what you do well,will uplift you well.Creativity is a drug i cannot live without, I get inspired by how much creativity there is in a project not the price.."

Stephanie Sset

Content manager

"Everything is designed but few things are designed well.Cheap website design in Nigeria does not only build cheap websites, it also builds great user experience".

Abbes Manfalot

Client relation manager

"If you believe and have confidence in yourself, others will believe and have confidence in you.Build up your confidence".


  • HTML5/CSS3


We are a reputable registered firm base in France. You can join our team to earn an affiliate commission. Partner with us to get a substantial commission on each website project,Tutorial subscription,etc. Click to begin earning a commission.

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Why you need an affordable website design in Nigeria

  • FIrst, you should understand that whatever business you do, whatever service you render,you should incorporate plans to grow your business. "A business without a website is like a snow house waiting to be melted by the sun". Having an Internet presence is one of the many plans a business should have to grow and expand, especially for a small or average business. You also have to take into cognizance the fact that a stagnant, non expanding business could be grounded in a short while.If you look up the available data of Internet presence and users you'll realize that 80% of people in the entire globe have Internet presence in one way or the other, through your website, social interactions, reviews, comments, ETC. If anyone is not grabbing the power of the internet at this time then, his business is heading to a brick wall.This is because your competitors are already leveraging this power to get your customers and expand their businesses.

  • What do i mean by a website or internet presence?

    A website is like a physical store where you display or advertise goods and services. It is unlike the virtual or physical store where your customers are from the same vicinity as your store's location. With your website the entire world will see and buy your products or services. You get more customers and more money. These are some of the benefits of having an affordable website in Nigeria or anywhere else.

  • - Builds company's reputation

    Having a website gives your company a kind of class, and it boosts its reputation. Customers or clients will see your business as reliable and trustworthy which of course will encourage them to do business with you.

  • - Reaching more people.

    A website allows you to reach the people in the entire world which ordinarily,you could not have reached. Thanks to the world wide web(internet). Your internet will be hosted where the entire world will see it. So if you had a store in an area, it's likely you were patronized by the people in that area alone, but with a website people in the surrounding, city, country and the entire world will see what you're selling and be able to buy from you especially if you sell physical products and goods. For services you could get clients or lead from within your country.

  • – Building trust with customer client relationship

    With a website, you are able to build trust through social interaction by way of comments, posts,shares,likes,tweets on social media channels. Although you do not need a website to have social presence but you certainly do, to have email connection and interaction with your clients in order to boost sales. You definitely need a website whether yours or someone else's, to store client's information like their emails, addresses, telephones etc. This is particularly important when you have to tell them about new products,product's update, product's information and usage.

  • – Cost effective

    A website does not need a physical store where you have to pay exorbitant fees for rent, water and electricity. All you need, is to get a cheap website developed for you, whether in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world. Get a reliable hosting that will show your website to the entire world. I emphasized "cheap website designed for you" because if you have to pay a neck breaking fee to get a website, it might affect your business. Tell me, what is the use of having a website built at the detriment of the products and profit you want to make?. It's like having all your resources expedited on a physical shop with little or no fund left for the products you want to sell. So i strongly advice that you to get a cheap and affordable website with of course some indispensable features that will be explained later.

  • – Source of advertisement

    it's becoming difficult and unimaginable for a company of any size not to have a website or internet presence. A website can be used to advertise your products or services in order to get more leads or sales. Contrary to the old way of advertising like printing hand outs, television adverts, billboards. Now you can advertise using your website or social media marketing. This source of advertisement is not only cheaper than the traditional way of advertisement but it's also more effective.

  • - Extra income

    Your website is a great way to make money. Your website can be used as a platform to generate income with what is known as google adsence. Lots of people generate income to the tune of 1000 euro per month from google adsence especially if you have traffic to your website.

  • Things to consider if you want a cheap website built

    Some cheap websites may not be fully optimized for people to see it and visit it. It will be a waste if you have a website no one knows about or no one comes to (visit). This is the same as having a shop with no patronage. It's important for your web developer to optimize your website for SEO, traffic, protect against hackers, avoid errors and website shut down. You need constant maintenance and website optimization to be able to achieve all of the above.

  • Mobile responsive website

    Another important question to ask when considering a cheap website is: "Does the developer include responsive or mobile feature in his package"? According to recent study, mobile users all over the world constitute the following in billions.

  • Number of mobile users in billions
    responsive data grapg image
  • As you can see the above data reinstate the importance of having not only a cheap website design but also the integration of a responsive design into the website development, for easy access and user experience by the billions of mobile users in the world.

  • This is also vital for any website acquisition –Your website should be free from unnecessary control and expenditure.You should have 100% control of your own website. The developer should provide a tutorial on how to do simple tasks on your website like your content update. little error handling like login, uploading products or files to your website, backing up your database or content.


Free 2 months maintenance is inclusive in our website development. We give you after sales service and follow up on your website to make sure your website is not among the millions of redundant websites with neither traffic nor income. We don't just build your website and leave it at that we follow it up.

Web design & development

A professionally designed website with full income generating potential.

  • Full optimized mobile website
  • Custom designed websites
  • E commerce websites
  • Blog Websites
  • Web application development
  • API development
  • Expert Wordpress development
  • plugin development
  • Joomla

Maintenance and services

We provide the best website security, maintenance and the following services.

  • Website error management
  • Website repairs and revamping
  • Wordpress webmaster services
  • Theme customization
  • SSL certificate integration
  • Server error rectification
  • Online payment system
  • Unique content creation
  • Expert English/French translation
  • Business Directory listing

Cheap Web Hosting in Nigeria

Hosting your website with us is much more reliable, secure,and cheaper than anywhere else

  • Cheap and reliable hosing
  • 1 free website migration
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Search engine marketing
  • Unlimited Email addresses
  • Wordpress blogging tools
  • Hundreds of wordpress templates
  • Supercharged speed
  • Live Chat

Web development Tutorials

The easiest way to start making cash online is to follow a profitable, in demand course like web development

  • Wordpress theme customization
  • Mouth gaping Image manipulation and creativity with free paint.net
  • Beginners/advance Tutorial in HTML5/CSS3
  • Boostrap tutorial
  • Layout and mockups with free image editor
  • Learn where to find dead softwares, give life to them and sell them.
  • Debug and modify web applications


Affordable web design packages


Free Website

  • 1 page
  • Social media icons
  • Contact form
  • Contact for more features



  • 4 Pages
  • Contact/Registration form
  • Social media integration
  • Photo gallery
  • Google map
  • FAQ integration
  • Video embedding
  • Getting started guide
  • Pricing table



  • 4 pages
  • Video embedding
  • Google map
  • Responsive Design
  • Contact/Registration form
  • Social media integration
  • Payment Integration
  • Google analytics
  • Product Gallery/Slideshow
  • Traffic statistic
  • Getting started guide


Website Development

  • Cpanel tutorial
  • Responsive design tutorial
  • Customizing images and photos
  • Website development from start to finish
  • Getting clients and making money


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